Ing. Mgr. Lubomír Ondračka

Office hours
day from to room telephone
Current Semester Courses

Research Interests

  • Indian Religions
  • Yoga, Hathayoga, Tantrism
  • Religions and Culture of Bengal


  • 2014–2015: Visiting Fellow, Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies
  • 1996–1999: Postgraduate program in Bengali Studies, Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  • 1994–1996: MA program in Religious Studies, Charles University
  • 1991–1996: MA program in Bengali Studies (five-year program), Charles University
  • 1985–1994: Engineering program in Mathematical modelling of chemical processes, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague

Work Experience

  • 2018–up to date: Research Fellow, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Charles University
  • 2017: Research project manager, Faculty of Arts, Charles University
  • 2012–2016: Lecturer, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Charles University
  • 2013–2014: Vice-Rector for Research and Economic Development, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
  • 2011–2012: Vice-Dean for Research, Film and TV School, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
  • 2005–2011:  Research project manager, Faculty of Arts, Charles University
  • 1999–2005: Lecturer, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Charles University

Other Educational Training

  • Haṭha Yoga Project Workshop: the Amṛtasiddhi (Procida 13.–20. 9. 2018)
  • 3rd Middle Bengali Retreat cum Workshop (Bir 1.–11. 8. 2018)
  • Sanskrit Texts on Yoga: A Manuscript Workshop (London, SOAS 12.–16. 9. 2016) (documentary from the workshop)
  • Middle Bengali Retreat cum Workshop (Miercurea Ciuc 11.–21. 8. 2016)
  • Sāmbapañcāśikā with Kṣemarāja’s commentary (Varanasi 21.–24. 1. 2014)
  • Netratantra (chap. 7 and 8) with Kṣemarāja’s commentary (Varanasi 29. 1.—4. 2. 2013)
  • Vijñānabhairavatantra (Bir 16.—23. 5. 2011)
  • Śivastrotrāvalī with Kṣemarāja’s commentary (Varanasi 1.—8. 2. 2011)
  • Parātrīśikalaghuvṛtti (Bir 19.—28. 9. 2008)
  • Tantrāloka (1st chap.) with Jayarāja’s commentary (Varanasi 12.—21. 11. 2007)
  • Spandakārikā with Kṣemarāja’s commentary (Sarnath 5.—16. 3. 2006).

Papers read at major international conferences

  • The Concept of Body in the Nātha-Siddha Tradition, 13th World Sanskrit Conference (September 2006, University of Edinburgh)
  • The Practice of Four Moons in Bengali Nātha Texts, Yoga in Indian Traditions: Naths, Tantriks, Nirgunis and Sufis (September 2007, El Colegio de México)
  • The Character of Immortality in the Nātha-Siddha Sanskrit Texts, 14th World Sanskrit Conference (September 2009, Kyoto University)
  • Cheating Death: The Yogic Way to Immortality, 16th World Sanskrit Conference (June-July 2015, Bangkok)
  • Signs of Death in Haṭhayogic Texts, Yoga darśana, yoga sādhana: traditions, transmissions, transformations (May 2016, Krakow)
  • Prognostication by Breath in Yoga: Analysis of the Vasiṣṭhasaṃhitā (Yogakāṇḍa, chapter 7), 17th World Sanskrit Conference (June 2018, Vancouver)
  • Bengali Jogīs and Their Struggle for a Caste Shift, 25th European Conference on South Asian Studies (July 2018, Paris)

Selected Publications

Studies in English

  • Perfected Body, Divine Body and Other Bodies in the Nātha-Siddha Sanskrit Texts. Journal of Hindu Studies 8.2 (2015): 210–232. [PDF (manuscript); PDF (printed version)]
  • What Should Mīnanāth Do to Save His Life? In David N. Lorenzen and Adrian Muñoz (eds.), Yogi Heroes and Poets: Histories and Legends of the Nāths. Albany: State University of New York Press, 2011, s. 129–141, 175–188. [PDF (manuscript); PDF (printed version)]

Studies in Czech

  • Indian Tantrism. Dingir 20.2 (2017): 51–53. [PDF]
  • A Good Death of a High-Caste Hindu. In Death and Dying in Contemporary Religious Traditions. Praha: Cesta domů, 2010, 2nd ed. 2017, pp. 9–56. [PDF]
  • Tantric Stories about Immortality: The Literature of the Bengali Nāths. In My Golden Bengal: Studies on Bengali Religion and Culture. Praha: ExOriente, 2008, pp. 13–34. [PDF]
  • Bibliographical Essay. In Dušan Zbavitel, Bengali Literature. Praha: ExOriente, 2008, pp. 272–300. [PDF]
  • The Concept of Soul in Jainism.  In Radek Chlup (ed.), The Concept of the Soul in the World’s Religious Traditions. Praha: DharmaGaia, 2007, pp. 267–293. [PDF]
  • Ideas of Afterlife in Vedic Religion and the Origin of the Concept of Transmigration. In Radek Chlup (ed.), The Concept of the Soul in the World’s Religious Traditions. Praha: DharmaGaia, 2007, pp. 223–266. [PDF]
  • The Fallacies of Walter Ong in the Light of Indian Orality.  World of Literature 17.36 (2007): 214–248. [PDF]

Editorial Work

For the last ten years, I have been a book editor of about twenty books (all in Czech) in the field of Indology and Religious Studies.

  • Translations from Sanskrit: Upaniṣads, Mānavadharmaśāstra, Vedic hymns (selection), Kālidāsa (complete work), Rāmāyaṇa (rendering combined with translated passsages), Haṭhapradīpikā.
  • Translations from Bengali: Sunīl Gaṅgopādhyāẏ (selected stories), Āśāpūrṇā Debī (selected stories), Bibhūtibhūṣaṇ Bandyopādhyāẏ: The Song of the Road, Maṇiśaṅkar Mukhopādhyāẏ: The Middleman.
  • Secondary literature: Dušan Zbavitel: Bengali Literature (originaly published in the Gonda’s series “History of Indian Literature”), Paul Williams and Anthony Tribe: Buddhist Thought, André Padoux: Comprendre le tantrisme, Daniel Pals: Eight Theories of Religion, Robert A. Segal, Myth: A Very Short Introduction.