Martin Pehal, Ph.D.

Office hours
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Current Semester Courses


  • 11/2015 Ph.D. awarded in Religious Studies, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic
  • 2008 Mgr. awarded in Egyptology and Religious Studies (double Major), Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic
  • 2002–2008 Study of Egyptology (Major), Philosophy (2002–2004, Minor), and Religious Studies (2004–2008, Major), Charles University in Prague

Career History

  • since 5/2013 Scientific researcher, teacher assistant/lecturer at the Institute of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Charles University in Prague
    Main responsibilities: research work in several projects (see below), teacher assistant/lecturer on undergraduate level including individual tutoring, student paper assessment and grading (WS2010/11 Ancient Egyptian Religion; SS2012–16 Scientific Methods of Religious Studies; WS2014/15 Anthropology of Religion: a Seminar)

Career-related Activities

  • since 6/2014 European projects co-ordinator/Assistant of the vice-dean for science (Charles University in Prague)
    Main responsibilities: composing project proposals (FP7, H2020, various national funding schemes), assisting the vice-dean with faculty grant agenda
  • since 9/2011 Grant co-ordinator (Institute of Philosophy and Religious Studies)
    Main responsibilities: writing grant reports; seeking new grant opportunities; organising conferences; managing overseas visits; organising project meetings; keeping project action plans and accounts up to date; liaising with expert group members and visiting scholars; liaising with departmental and university administrative staff; etc.
  • 9/2009–2/2013 External collaborator of the Rádio Česko (Czech office of  the BBC)
    Main responsibilities: summarising articles in the world press
  • since 2006 English teacher (companies, one-to-one/group courses, CEFR levels A1–C1)
  • 7–8/2004 Scientific assistant (Preliminary Diagnostic Lab Supervisor) of the UCSD and Jordanian Department of Antiquities archaeological expedition (Wadi Fidan area, Jordan)
    Main responsibilities: catalogisation and preliminary diagnosis of all finds coming from four sites (Bronze-age cemetery, Iron-age settlement, Roman cistern, survey).
  • 7–8/2003 Student volunteer in the UCSD (University of California, San Diego) and Jordanian Department of Antiquities archaeological expedition (Wadi Fidan area, Jordan)
  • 2003–2004 Student assistant (Librarian), Czech Institute of Egyptology

Conference Papers Delivered

  • 15–16 Jul. 2015 Prague Symposium on Buddhist Rites of Death (Prague), jointly with M. Zemánek: “Korean Buddhist Mortuary Rituals and Ritual Critics”
  • 29 Sep.–2 Oct. 2008 Ritual Dynamics and the Science of Ritual International Conference (Heidelberg), jointly with O. Cieslarová: “Corporeality as a Key to the Assessment of the Dynamics of Ritualisation”

Academic Service and Public Relation

  • 10, 11/2015 Two invited lectures at the Prague Institute (North Carolina State College of Design)
  • 2013 Panelist in an open discussion (included a bible scholar and a patrologist) on the form and appropriateness of contemporary initiation rituals of the Roman-Catholic church
  • 2014 Member of a committee for the defensio of an MA candidate in Religious Studies
  • annually since 2012 lectures at Czech secondary schools on topicss of Ancient Egypt and Ritual Studies
  • 2007–8 Member of the bursary committee of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague

Social Engagement Activities

  • since 2012 Co-founder and vice-chairman of the civic organisation (Iniciativa FÓR_UM) focusing on promotion of Czech NGOs and other civic groups by establishing a modern (ritual) tradition commemorating the fall of the communist regime in Czechoslovakia in 1989 through a masked satirical carnival (
  • 2003–2004 Vice-chairman of a student civic organization Aegyptus focusing on medialisation of ancient Egypt to the general public


Monograph (English)

  • Interpreting Ancient Egyptian Narratives: A Structural Analysis of the Tale of Two Brothers, the Anat Myth, the Osirian Cycle, and the Astarte Papyrus, Nouvelles études orientales, Bruxelles–Fernelmont: EME, 2014.

Articles (English)

  • with M. Zemánek, “Korean Buddhist Mortuary Rituals and Ritual Critics”, in M. Zemánek (ed.),         Development of Korean Buddhist Mortuary Practices, in press;
  • with J. Dahms and H. Willems, “Ramses II Helps the Dead: An Interpretation of Book of the Dead         Supplementary Chapter 166”, Journal of Egyptian Archaeology [JEA] 300 (2014): 395–420
  • with O. Cieslarová “Corporeality as a Key to the Assessment of the Dynamics of Ritualization”, Yearbook     for Liturgical and Ritual Studies/Jaarboek voor Liturgie-Onderzoek (2011): 67–85 

Articles (orig. Czech)

  • “Game of Symbols: Velvet Carnival”, in A. Ferjenčíková (ed.), Happening: Interplay of Intention and Game,     in press;
  • with R. Chlup, “Velvet Carnival: Introduction”, in A. Ferjenčíková (ed.), Happening: Interplay of Intention     and Game, in press;
  • “Ritual and Corporeality: Ritology of Ronald L. Grimes”, Theatralia (2014):  25–51;
  • “Powerful Powerless: Women in Ancient Egyptian Society and Mythology”, Prague Egyptological Studies     [PES] VIII (2011): 49–54.
  • “The Astarte Papyrus and (Egyptian) Mythology: A Question of Method”,  Prague Egyptological Studies     [PES] VI (2009): 48–59.
  • “Canaanean Astarte in the Egyptian Pantheon/Warrior Astarte – Egyptian Astarte – Amorous Astarte     (personal)”, Prague Egyptological Studies [PES] III (2004): 98–120.
  • “Canopics from Czech Collections”, in: M. Dospěl and P. Onderka (eds.), Egypt Under the Reign of the     Pharaohs/Catalogue of the exhibition Egypt Under the Reign of the Pharaohs, Prague, 2003, p. 80–    85.

Book reviews (orig. Czech)

  • Review: J. Janák, Staroegyptské náboženství I, Religio (Revue for Religious Studies) 18 (2010): 109–110.
  • “Death in the Culture of Ancient Egypt – Three Solutions to One Phenomenon”, review of: Jan         Assmann, Der Tod als Thema der Kulthurteorie, in: TVAR – literary magazine, 2004/1: 22.
  • “The Gate of Heavens – quality wood, squeaking hinges”, review of Jiří Janák, The Gate of Heavens: Gods     & Demons of Ancient Egypt, Prague, Libri 2005, in: TVAR – literary magazine, 2006/5: 22.