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The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies is a leading institution of its sort not only in the Czech Republic but also in the context of Central Europe. The faculty consists of experts with international reputation who conduct teaching which stems from their own research in the fields of philosophy and religious studies. As teachers, our experts initiate students, during the opening terms (Bachelor studies), in the art of thinking. With the advanced students (Master studies, Ph.D. studies), then, they share and develop the results of their original research. As for teaching, it is characterized with emphasis upon quality and thematic variety. The aim is to provide sutdents with education satisfying high international standards. As for research, the aim and standard is to treat the topics in internationally relevant a recognizable way.

The results of this long-term strategy are very positive, including an ever-increasing number of international (mainly English, German, and French) publications in prestigious journals and publishing houses. The Department ranks for a long time as No. 1 among academic onstitutions in the Czech Republic in the field of humanities. The subject of philosophy at Charles University ranks traditionally high in the QS World University Ranking by Subject (among the top 150 Universities since 2011).

Section of Philosophy deals with philosophical thought in its nearly entire systematic and historical range. Teaching as well as research thus cover both the main currents in contemporary thought in the chief philosophical disciplines and specializations concerning history of philosophy since antiquity up to modern thought. Other specializations cultivated by our experts include philosophy of language, philosophy of art, philosophy of mind, philosophical hermeneutics, philosophy of history, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of science, etc.

Section of Religious Studies deals both with particular religious traditions, and with general theoretical reflexion of religion. Unlike many other religious studies departments, we focus quite a lot on ancient religions (ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, old Norse religion), but we study them to grasp a general modus operandi of myths, rituals, and symbolic thought and action. At the same time, we are interested in ways in which these symbolic forms function in contemporary Western secular society: in social myths, conspiracy theories, secular rituals and festivities, consumerism, or popular culture. We also pay great attention to the transformations that religiosity is undergoing in our present late modern age, when institutional forms of religion are increasingly giving way to more diffuse life-styled forms inspired by globalized alternative spirituality and various kinds of implicit religion. We believe the study of premodern religions is actually more helpful in understanding late modern religiosity than the study of classic modern religious forms. You can find out more from our CVs in the Religious Studies section of our staff page.


Charles University
Faculty of Arts
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
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Secretary – Mgr. Eva Mokrejšová

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